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Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument
— Desmond Tutu

Businesses in a variety of industries have achieved new levels of results with Lean Business Intelligence. While many industries think they're "special"; they all have processes. And they all have data. The Lean BI approach is universal because its building blocks are a process, its people and its data. 

I’ve held certifications from APICS, ASQ and have achieved Six Sigma Black Belt status. None of the tools in these certifications tied an organization together in the quest for performance improvement; Lean BI fills this gap. 

I created Lean BI while solving a performance problem in a business with nationwide facilities. I was part of “Corporate” and had no direct reports in the facilities. I quickly learned only meaningful, easily understood data could do the heavy lifting to motivate all facilities to improve. Results from that effort exceeded expectations. 

I learned:

  • You can’t drive improvement without understanding the operational categories that make up a major area of performance
  • People respect meaningful improvement targets, especially when they participate in their creation
  • Combining and sharing the above information creates inherent accountability 

I've served in Lean Leadership roles and all variety of operations management positions since starting out as a Mechanical Engineer. Lean BI combined my process understanding with my understanding of people.


Nothing puts the focus on improvement like Lean Business Intelligence