Benefits of Lean Business Intelligence

Benefits of Lean BI

Team Alignment for Industry leading results

Even in the most important aspects of a business it's not easy to achieve organizational alignment. As an organization grows people lose sight of the big picture and become focused on their piece of the puzzle. Lean BI overcomes this by linking performance details to high level results. Teams see the whole, as well as the parts in an important area of performance. They know where attention is needed. Almost without realizing it, your team becomes data-driven with Lean BI. The impact can be world class results. 

Continuity of Performance

Employee turnover can have an adverse impact on results. This is particularly true when a process is reliant on tribal knowledge. With the transparency Lean BI creates, tribal knowledge is revealed. New people in a process see categories of performance that drive big picture results. They get perspective, they'll ask the right questions as they make day to day decisions. And, if they are not suited for the position or need more training, the results will show it. 


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  • Lean BI is implemented as a repeatable process. Data acquisition and visualization is automated or semi-automated (depending on the process.) Lean BI can continue to guide teams well into the future. It's displays remain the focal point for important aspects of a business. As improvement occurs, benchmarks change to maintain an improvement motivation.
  • The tools used, (usually Microsoft Products), won’t soon go obsolete or become unsupported. No special license renewals are required. 
  • Lean BI is flexible for change. If a business process changes, Lean BI can be revised to support those changes.