Altucher - What I learned about Life...

If you don't know who James Altucher is, he's worth Googling. His multi-faceted life & career includes podcasting. As a podcaster, his "theme" is interviewing famous people to get their take on success. While successful now, at his low point, James thoroughly researched his own suicide, but learned the odds of a botched attempt are high and would only make things worse. He pulled himself out of that hole...

James recently released a blog post "What I Learned About Life After Interviewing 80 Highly Successful People" and as he puts it, "Here is some of what they said:"

A) A life is measured in decades.

B) A life is measured by what you did TODAY, even this moment.

C) Focus is not important, but Push is (reinvention).

D) Give without thinking of what you will receive.

E) Solving hard problems is more important than overcoming failure.

F) Art and success and love is about connecting all the dots.

G) It’s not business, it’s personal.

H) You can’t predict the outcome, you can only do your best.

I) The same philosophy of life should work for an emperor and a slave.

J) The only correct path is the path correct for you.

K) Many moments of small, positive, personal interactions build an extraordinary career.

L) Taking care of yourself comes first.

M) The final answer: People do end up loving what they succeed at, or they succeed at what they love.

N) Anybody, at any age

O) Figure out How to Make Uncertainty Work for You

His blog contains more remarks under each headline. Well worth the read, and his podcasts are worth listening to, also. This podcast is about his life - its really interesting. He's interviewed by his wife...