Good podcasts - worth listening twice

LIstening to a Podcast is usually a multitask, I'm usually doing something else too, so I'll miss portions of each. But when I hear enough to know I want to hear it all, I listen a second time. Here's a few I've found interesting enough to listen to twice recently: 

  • How to Manage Your Employees When They're All Carrying Guns  "I'm the kind of person who is embarrassed to lie," says "Freeway" Rick Ross. Not the words you would expect to come from a convicted felon. Rick built an empire, a drug empire that is, the notorious Los Angeles crack-cocaine empire. But the man who built this empire is not an evil man as you might suspect. He is charitable, a teacher, and an ideal leader..." Altucher

  • A Life's Obsession With No Way Out  The write up for this didn't draw me in, but listening did. This one is with best selling author Robert Kurson. I just started reading his book Crashing Through, the story of Mike May, blinded at age 3, then regaining vision at age 46 via a rare stem-cell transplant procedure. Sounds really interesting. He provides some compelling background on his books in this podcast.  Altucher

  • Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.” by Biographer Ashlee Vance. Musk’s SpaceX rocket effort or the Tesla electric car company, the story is indeed fantastic. Kara Swisher Re/Code