Its 2015 - What's Your Digital Strategy?

B2B manufacturing is a digital lagard. I'm not talking about digital transactions (like bar-coding or EDI), I'm talking about digital transparency. What are you doing to create digital transparency for your customers? Competitors will set these expectations if you don't.  

  • Can your customers view the status of their order in your system? With such visibility, your customer could tell their customer they expect to have a product to ship tomorrow, versus "its scheduled to be completed in a week." That would help them (and you) make a sale and improve cash flow. 
  • If you have the material available to accommodate a last minute order increase and your customer could see that, wouldn't that benefit you both?  
  • What if a customer wants to change product colors and they can see their product isn't through your paint station, could they make that request and you could handle the change? If not, why not?    

There are complications with all these ideas to be sure, but none the less, the digital world is taking us to these places. Get ready.