People Not Giving a Damn about People...

The digital age gives retail managers the ability to micro manage labor costs (i.e. employee schedules.) This Vox article describes the real life adverse impact it can have on employees. Another aspect, not mentioned in the article, it can prevent these already low wage employees from working a second job, especially if that job also employs these scheduling practices. It doesn't have to be this way. As W. Edwards Deming might say, its short term thinking.

Mark Graban's Lean Blog discusses this "just-in-time" scheduling and how it can get interpreted as a Lean practice like "just-in-time" inventory. He makes a great point, its worth reading his post.

So-Called “Just in Time” Retail Staff Scheduling is not Lean At All

“Just in time” scheduling shouldn’t jerk around employees and it shouldn’t jerk around suppliers.

Lean and the Toyota Production System are grounded in a foundation of “Respect for People.” What Vox describes seems pretty ruthless and more like GM and Chrysler of the early 2000s, not Lean.

To be clear, the blog title is not intended to blame store managers. But somewhere in the management chain, someone doesn't give a damn about people.