Tools To Improve Your Writing

  1. Word Hippo. Lets say your using a word or phrase in a sentence that is close to the meaning you want, but doesn't quite hit the mark, try Enter the word or phrase and you'll be presented with potential substitutes. Like a Thesaurus, but more features. 
  2. TTSReader. Freeware, that reads written words to you. This is a great way to hear what you've written. No matter how many times you proofread your work, sometimes you'll miss obvious mistakes. When it's read back to you however those mistakes jump out.
  3. Hemmingway Editor. Do you ever need grammatical help? Like identifying and eliminating passive voice sentences? Adverb complicatings? Phrases that have simpler alternatives? The Hemingway App identifies these opportunities and even rates the reading level of the writing. 

I didn't use any of the tools for this brief post, but I see opportunities for improvement. Copy and paste the sentences into the Hemmingway App or TTSReader and see if you can identify them too. 

If I had to pick a most valuable tool of the three, I would probably pick Hemmingway Editor.

I use all of these tools and they cost me nothing. Thirty years ago the richest on the planet didn't have access to such tools. And the digital age is just beginning...