Making the Most of the Data That Matters: a16z podcast

Podcast description:

Every organization these days is clear about the need to get its data act together. But that doesn’t mean the path toward data bliss is clear. Data has gravity. It resides in different places at different organizations -- on premise, in the cloud, and flowing from external sources. And the rate of change within organizations is always different. So an approach towards handling data that works for one company may be the exact wrong thing for yours.

There's a relevant discussion in about Microsoft Excel, it occurs around the 19:00 minute mark. It doesn't come to a real conclusion, but you'll hear big data people on both sides of the Excel issue.

It does make the point that the data teams really need, often comes from different sources. That's why Excel is perfectly suited for Lean Business Intelligence, it allows us to manipulate and combine data from various sources - to  create a road map to peak performance.

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