It's 2016 and I haven't posted recently

Recently, I've spent a lot of time writing the foundational content for this website, essentially writing the story of Lean Business Intelligence. As an engineer, my strength is in analytics, process improvement and operations, I have no practical work experience in marketing. This changed recently as Jump6Marketing helped me figure out how to tell my story. It was a discovery process and like all discovery processes not every path led to where I wanted to be. But now I can say I've arrived at that starting point. I've learned a lot about marketing from working with Jump6, and it's been fun. 

With this foundational material complete, I plan to start posting more frequently. And the material I'll post will provide more Lean Business Intelligence details, examples and in depth discussions on the seven wastes in Lean BI.  

I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2016 and I hope you are too.