Lean Business Intelligence Implementation

Turnkey Implementation

Lean BI is a turnkey implementation. We establish the framework and lead its implementation so processes deliver their full potential. We take a temporary leadership role during Lean BI implementations. Your team members, the subject matter experts, quickly adapt to the Lean BI methodology. They continue using Lean BI long after we’ve helped you reach your current potential. No special software required. 

Step 1: An initial discussion

  • We'll provide a Lean BI demonstration
  • We'll discuss an area of your business that Lean BI may help
  • No obligation, no cost

Step 2: A detailed assessment is performed, includes: 

  • An on site review of existing data and processes
  • Interviews and discussions with key personnel
  • Proposal prepared with narrative, expected results (savings), timeline, and costs
  • No obligation proposal, one time, low fixed cost (plus t & e)

Step 3: After Accepting the Proposal - Implementation and training

  • Turnkey implementation and team roll-out with ongoing monitoring by Lean BI until proposal benchmarks are attained.
  • Fixed cost based on implementation complexity. 1/3 of total cost to start, 1/3 after implementation and training and 1/3 when benchmarks are attained.