Lean Business Intelligence compared to Business Intelligence Software


Compared to data analytics software, Lean Business Intelligence is a targeted, 100% focus on performance improvement. Data analytic software is great for examining raw data and drawing conclusions. But, with repeatable processes, the questions that need to be answered are predetermined; (i.e. where should the team be focused for maximum impact?) The data that provides that answer is also predetermined.

Here's a comparison of Lean BI to common BI software:

Characteristic Lean BI BI Software
Implementation targeted on an operational process that’s not performing to potential Yes No
Implementation ROI is obvious because it focuses on, and displays, the impact on business results Yes No
Process improvement experts help determine missing data that's necessary to create focus on business improvement Yes No
On-going costs are insignificant for software and licenses Yes No
Creates team specific responsibilities for the actions that will drive improved resultsYes No