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----- 2016 Monthly No-Cost Webinars -----

Using Common Sense Data to Drive Performance Improvement

Modern technology unlocks new options for problem solving. This webinar shows how to apply some of those tools. http://www.leanbusinessintelligence.com/

Eliminate Team Member Drugery - Excel Tricks that Eliminate Non-Value Activities

Date: May 2016   Time: To Be Announced 

Lean BI Inventory Basics - Categories & Plan Levels

Date: June 2016   Time: To Be Announced  

Complex Processes require Quality Visualizations - Tips for Professional Appearance 

Date: July 2016   Time: To Be Announced  

Tying an Organization Together - Bottom to Top - for Performance Improvement

Date: August 2016   Time: To Be Announced  

How to Maintain Focus on Small, Incremental Improvements - for Industry Leading Results 

Date: September 2016   Time: To Be Announced  

The Lean Side - of Lean Business Intelligence 

Date: October 2016   Time: To Be Announced

Managing with Data - Easy and Less Stressful for All (i.e. Lean BI Leadership)

Date: November 2016   Time: To Be Announced

Data Sharing to Keep Teams Focused on Results  (A User’s Guide to SharePoint)

Date: December 2016   Time: To Be Announced

 ----- Previous Webinars -----

Workarounds for MRP/ERP Shortcomings to Maintain a Focus on Results

Legacy MRP/ERP systems can fail to keep up with the needs of a business as things change. But you can overcome many of these issues, watch the webinar trailer below:


4 Things Printers Can Do to Reduce Inventory Working Capital by 50%

Webinar Overview: