Lean in Lean Business Intelligence

Lean Thinking - The Wikipedia definition: ...a new way to think about how to organize human activities to deliver more benefits to society and value to individuals while eliminating waste.

Lean Business Intelligence's purpose is to provide the information that focuses a team on peak performance. Wastes are anything that doesn't contribute to that objective. Waste elimination cannot occur with a partial process understanding, accordingly, a Lean BI implementation starts with development of a deep process understanding. The second step is to analyze the data supporting it. Understanding a process isn’t complicated, but it must be thorough. The creator of Lean BI has many years of process improvement experience.

Lean manufacturing focuses on waste elimination from production processes. Lean Business Intelligence focuses on the elimination of wastes in middle management’s business intelligence (KPIs, metrics & dashboards.) Removal of Lean BI wastes ensures no more and no less information than necessary tells the process's performance story. Anything diluting that objective is waste. 

Often, for Lean BI to deliver the results a process is fully capable of, other process improvements must occur. Those improvements may be simple; like the way data is collected, used and manipulated. But they may be more extensive, it completely depends on the state of the current process. (See Case Study # 1 for an example of extensive process improvements that occurred concurrent with a Lean BI implementation.)