Lean Business Intelligence Limitations

Lean BI can't solve every problem. Some problems have foundational issues that must be addressed before Lean BI can help.

Corrupt Data

Processes that generate corrupt data can’t be helped with Lean BI, “garbage in, garbage out.” Corrupt data must be addressed before Lean BI can be effective

Non-repeatable Processes

Lean BI can’t help a non-repeatable process, though it can bring an out of control process back to repeatability. The difference is subtle but important. If a major process is non-repeatable, then value stream mapping can help determine the necessary changes and a Lean BI implementation can occur concurrently with other process improvements. (See Case Study # 1 for an example)

The Vital Few Areas of Performance


Lean BI is intended to focus on the vital few critical areas of performance. Typically this would be 10 areas of performance or less. Using Lean BI in more areas of performance than this will dilute the focus on the vital few. The Lean BI approach is to help clients determine what's vital and be sure you attain best possible results in those areas.