Lean Business Intelligence

Performance improvement doesn't have to be elusive or complex. Lean Business Intelligence integrates with management processes to make improvement as habitual as a monthly meeting. 

Modern Business Performance Improvement

The Future - Lean BIThe Past
Its intuitive Extensive team training
Easily understood data displaysComplicated statistics
No certifications required"Belt" certifications
Data defines opportunitiesArbitrary project selection
Team knows who's addressing opportunitiesOften opaque progress
Sustainability is a key featureImprovements may not be sustainable
Integrated with the management processesOften "bolt-on" to existing processes
High success rateVariable success rate

Measurable, common-sense business performance improvement


The Merger of Lean Thinking & Business Intelligence

Lean Thinking - a deep understanding of processes and the people involved in them with a focus on the elimination of process waste. Lean Business Intelligence adds another dimension of understanding - the process' data. Lean BI requires open-minded thought and analysis of a process's data, including data that may not currently exist. A deep understanding of the data is fundamental to creating a fact based process story. That story tells a team where they should focus - for maximum impact.

Business Intelligence (BI) provides the tools that support this data driven focus. BI tools and techniques convert data into easily understood information for a team. With Lean BI, the information tells team members where the opportunities reside - to create direction and focus. Then, as time passes, efforts to address opportunities become evident to all - inherent accountability. 

Lean Thinking combined with Business Intelligence - a fact based focus on performance results.

Turnkey Implementation

Lean BI is a turnkey implementation that requires tools you may already have. We establish the framework and lead its implementation so processes deliver their full potential. We take a temporary leadership role during Lean BI implementations. Your team members, the subject matter experts, quickly adapt to the Lean BI methodology. They continue using Lean BI long after we’ve helped you reach your current potential.