People and Lean Business Intelligence

Team Focus on Results

Lean BI exists solely to help people, help them attain full results from processes they manage - nothing more, nothing less. Lean BI is intuitive for users, technical aspects remain in the background, teams stay focused on results.  

No one takes pride when “we missed plan again.” Things have gotten complicated and people get lost in details. Teams have line-of-sight to two levels of performance, high level results and daily details, (i.e. they see a monthly total and make daily decisions that drive that total) but there is no connection between the two. They can't see the forest for the trees. They need a bridge between high level results and the details. 

Lean BI bridges process details and high level results by identifying distinct categories of performance. All high level results have distinct categories. Categories are identified and performance benchmarks are created for each. Sharing this information increases the process understanding of the team. Teams know which categories are doing well and which aren’t. Actions become focused; positive results become visible. Lean BI reinforces the impact of their actions with this visibility. 

Middle level managers and supervisors are Lean BI customers in two ways: 

  • Lean BI takes a bottoms up approach. We obtain a detailed process understanding before we start implementing a solution. If the solution is not 100% relevant to managers and supervisors it won’t be effective. (We may still introduce new elements or definitions to the process, but they will be 100% relevant.)
  • We automate as many nonvalue added data manipulations that managers and supervisors are currently performing or that may be required by Lean BI. We want our customers focused on value added activities and decision making.

Lean BI creates a results road map for the people managing a process.