Lean BI helps Printers


Accountability is an on-going challenge in the many facets of printing. Add the changing expectations of the market and results can start going the wrong direction. Data driven focus and accountability overcomes these challenges.  

Paper Inventory

Paper Inventory

Printer’s Challenge

  • Most printers carry twice the inventory needed, few require more than 14 days on-hand for good customer service
  • Paper planning and buying processes haven’t changed in years
  • Inventory is not stratified into planning categories
  • Safety stock inventories driven by tribal knowledge, not data
  • Facts aren’t used to calculate realistic plan levels of inventory
  • Competitive pressures can cause lax enforcement of customer LDC policies. Little follow-up on inventory impact 

How Lean BI Helps Optimize Paper Inventory

  • We help determine your inventory planning categories
  • We create tools to determine realistic planned levels in each category
  • The team will see the difference between plan and actual levels
  • They will get focused on the largest opportunities for inventory reduction
  • They will be accountable for reductions in categories that exceed plan levels
  • We help identify sources of excess inventories and makes them visible to the team
  • The process we create allows you to continue operating at optimum inventory levels for years to come

Paper Waste

Paper Waste

Printer's Challenges

  • Paper waste is difficult to improve because of its multiple sources involving multiple shifts and operators
  • Some printers don’t collect enough data around the sources of paper waste
  • If data is collected, it's not deployed in a manner that creates focus on improvement
  • Teams drown in numbers, they need a simple visual they can understand and use to improve performance

How Lean BI Reduce Waste Costs

  • If the data collection process is inadequate, we assist in determining data collection requirements
  • We turn the data into meaningful visuals that teams can interpret. The visuals will create a focus on problem solving
  • We creates meaningful performance benchmarks for each waste category for comparison against actual 
  • We ensure teams define actions for improvement and maintain follow-up to ensure waste reductions occur and are maintained.

Customer Quoting to Order Entry

Quoting to Order Entry

Printer's Challenges

  • Competitive pressures are creating the need for new products and services. the Account Manager's processes were not originally designed to handle the requirements of these new products and services. Instead, an email reliance and other non-repeatable processes can cause information to fall in the cracks. This leads to unhappy customers and/or production problems and reruns 
  • The system upgrades, required to handle the new offerings, are not affordable 

How Lean BI helps Improve Customer Quoting and Order Entry

  • Using a guerrilla approach, we’ll create online (within your network), efficient and effective systems to keep everyone on the same page, at a fraction of the cost of a system upgrade
  • The online system can be used for new processes like: special kitting and packing requirements, capturing customer change costs, new warehouse activities or special customer requirements 

Other Areas

Printer's Challenges

  • Some processes temporarily improve when the “spot light’s on,” but revert to sub-par performance when attention is removed
  • Labor costs
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Quoting cycle times
  • Order entry cycle times

How Lean BI Helps

  • We will create transparency and team process understanding to create a focus on results in any process that generates data
  • We can improve any process that needs substantive focus on results